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April 10, 2018 GM Collin Skin Care

Thorough Cleansing: An Essential Step

The skin is the most external organ of your body and hence the most exposed to environmental aggressions. Dust, pollutants, makeup, excess sebum accumulate on the surface of your skin, clog pores and make it dull and more prone to the development of skin imperfections.

It is therefore very important to cleanse your skin morning and evening, before applying any skin care product: there’s no good skin care routine without a thorough cleansing beforehand!

Cleansing products have to be both effective and mild, in order to cleanse your skin:

  • In depth, to get rid of the impurities that accumulated on its surface.

  • Gently, to respect the physiological balance of the skin and not disturb its protective barrier (hydrolipidic film) lying at its surface.

Just like all the other products of your skin care routine, your cleanser must be suited for your skin type and condition(s). Favor the rich and creamy texture of a cleansing milk if you have dry skin: choose for instance the G.M. Collin Hydramucine Cleansing Milk if you have dehydrated skin and the G.M. Collin Sensiderm Cleansing Milk if you have sensitive skin. Conversely, if you have oily skin, favor the fresh and light texture of a cleansing gel, such as the G.M. Collin Oxygen Puractive+ Mild Cleansing Gel!

To cleanse your skin, apply a small quantity of cleansing product on your wet fingers and emulsify it on your face using small circular movements. Don’t forget any area, including the eye contour! Rinse with lukewarm water and then complete by the application of the appropriate treating mist or lotion.

It is especially important to cleanse your skin in the evening, when you come home after a long day when your skin has been exposed to numerous aggressors (pollutants, dust, etc.) and to get rid of your make-up and excess sebum that accumulated on it during the day. But it is equally important to cleanse your skin in the morning as well, to prepare it for your morning skin care routine and maximize its results on your skin!

If you have oily, acne-prone skin, you can even proceed to a double-step cleansing from time to time:

Lastly, if a good cleansing is sufficient on a daily basis, we recommend that you exfoliate your skin about twice a week, after cleansing it, as well. 

Just like the canvas of a painter must be prepared to welcome their masterpiece, your skin must be cleansed to maximize the results of the skin care products subsequently applied and show in its best light!

Ask our aestheticians for advice: they will be more than happy to recommend the most appropriate cleansing products for your skin type and condition(s) and to give you skin care tips for an always more beautiful and healthy skin!