more than just a fragrance The aromatic properties of natural essential oils are a catalyst for change in the human mind and body.
Best Seller

Organic Essential Oil
Revitalize and overcome with this sweet, tangy, lemon-lime scent.
Bottle w/ SprayerBottle w/ Sprayer

Bottle w/ Sprayer
Aromatherapy Accessory
Great for Essential Oils, Plants, Cleaning Solutions, Hair Misting, and more.
Breathe DeepBreathe Deep

Breathe Deep
Organic Essential Oil
A fantastic blend that encourages clear and deep breathing.
Carrier OilCarrier Oil

Carrier Oil
Unscented Massage Oil
A silky smooth blend of oils that goes on light and absorbs easily.

Organic Essential Oil
Warms the warm the heart and faciliates mental focus and concentration.
Chamomile (Roman)Chamomile (Roman)

Chamomile (Roman)
Organic Essential Oil
Refreshing, calming and soothing and is helpful for people with sensitive skin.

Organic Essential Oil
Helps women cope with monthly issues. Makes a quick, cooling mist.
Cinnamon LeafCinnamon Leaf

Cinnamon Leaf
Organic Essential Oil
Refreshes and revitalizes as it calms and lifts.
Clary SageClary Sage

Clary Sage
Organic Essential Oil
Has the ability to ease stress associated with monthly menstrual cycles and menopause.
Clear Roll-on BottleClear Roll-on Bottle

Clear Roll-on Bottle
Aromatherapy Accessory
Mix oils with massage oil in this bottle and pinpoint where you want it or create your own unique perfumes.
Clove BudClove Bud

Clove Bud
Organic Essential Oil
A trusted source for emotional relief.

Organic Essential Oil
Revitalize the body and ease fears with this sweet, tangy, lemon-lime scent.

Organic Essential Oil
Refreshing and Grounding, sports a clean and earthy undertone.
Essential Oil Scent Sticks

Essential Oil Scent Sticks
Aromatherapy Accessory
A great way to sample Nature’s Sunshine’s amazing Authentic Essential Oils and Blends.
Essential ShieldEssential Shield
Best Seller

Essential Shield
Organic Essential Oil
This blend combines fruity notes of citrus with cooling mint, and invigorating wood tones.

Organic Essential Oil
Stimulates both body and mind. Great during the changing seasons.