Skin Care Products

Corrective + Effective Solutions Skin care topcial products and nutritional formulations scientifically designed to promote beauty from the inside out.
Acne CreamAcne Cream

Acne Cream
Correction / Prevention Treatment
A gentle BPO acne spot-treatment that clears existing blemishes and prevents future breakouts.
Acne GelAcne Gel

Acne Gel
A salicylic acid acne treatment that clears existing blemishes and prevents future breakouts.
Active Broad SpectrumActive Broad Spectrum

Active Broad Spectrum
SPF 45 Water Resistant
Provides water-resistant, broad spectrum protection with a light finish.
Best Seller

Soothing & Calming Serum
Calms, soothes and improves the appearance of sensitive skin prone to redness.
Apres PeelApres Peel
Best Seller

Apres Peel
Hydrating Balm
A soothing moisturizer that hydrates while minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Blackberry CrushBlackberry Crush

Blackberry Crush
Natural Lip balm
Ridiculously rich, scrumptiously creamy – this long-wear formula lasts and lasts with just one application.
Blemish Control BarBlemish Control Bar
Best Seller

Blemish Control Bar
Oily Skin/Acne Cleanser
An oil-absorbing, smoothing and purifying cleansing bar.
Bluephoria® Chill-OutBluephoria® Chill-Out

Bluephoria® Chill-Out
Super Moisture Mask
Absorbs deep into the skin to reveal a soft, supple, luminous complexion.
Bluephoria® Lip DrenchBluephoria® Lip Drench

Bluephoria® Lip Drench
Jelly Sleep Mask
Provides soothing rejuvenation to plump and restore dry, cracked lips as you sleep.

Lip Therapy
Nourishes lips with a wealth of plant compounds & antioxidants.
BPO 5% CleanserBPO 5% Cleanser

BPO 5% Cleanser
Acne Correction / Prevention Cleanser
This powerful cleanser eliminates existing and prevents future acne breakouts.
C of Change™C of Change™

C of Change™
Clinical Peel Pads
Formulated with 6 targeted acids that instantly resurface the skin and clear acne.
C the Future™C the Future™

C the Future™
Brightening Facial Cleanser
An exfoliating, smoothing and brightening foaming cleanser packed with vitamin C and healthy acids.
C&E AdvancedC&E Advanced

C&E Advanced
Dark Spot Treatment
This superior formula diminishes dark spots, soothes irritated skin and reduces signs of aging.
C&E Strength MaxC&E Strength Max

C&E Strength Max
Intense Skin Strengthening Cream
This antioxidant formulation strengthens skin, minimizing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles.

Stem Cell Serum
Combines stem cell extracts with vitamins C and E to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.