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Agave NectarAgave Nectar
Best Seller

Agave Nectar

Natural Body Oil
The scent is heavenly light - an oat/milk scent (comparable to a to-die-for tiramisu dessert) that women and men alike adore.
Ahhhsome Relief™Ahhhsome Relief™

Ahhhsome Relief™

After Sun Body Mousse
Soothe irritations with aloe, natural rosemary & mint oils, and crisp spearmint extract.


Muscle Recovery Balm
Soothes and tingles to boost circulation and help you recover faster.
Bear™ 2 BodyBear™ 2 Body
Bear™ 2 Body

Cellulite Removal Device
Eliminate stubborn cellulite and firm muscles with BEAR™ 2 body - the world's most powerful microcurrent body toning device.
Big BareBig Bare
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Big Bare

Organic Body Polish
This whipped body polish hydrates deeply as it exfoliates and softens.
Blissed Moon Dip®Blissed Moon Dip®

Blissed Moon Dip®

Ageless Hand Cream
Envelops your hands with advanced peptides, visibly firming the look of skin over time.
Blissed Moon Dip®Blissed Moon Dip®
Best Seller

Blissed Moon Dip®

Ageless Body Mousse
Smooths the look of wrinkles and dull, uneven textures.
Blushing AgaveBlushing Agave

Blushing Agave

Organic Body Oil
This glistening body oil helps maintain healthy skin and improve its barrier function.
Body TherapyBody Therapy
Best Seller

Body Therapy

Smoothing Body Moisturizer
Smooths skin surface texture and moisturizes the skin, leaving it hydrated and radiant
Bourbon BubblerBourbon Bubbler

Bourbon Bubbler

Infused Body Polish
Refines every bitty bit of you, leaving your skin ultra soft, but free of the greasy residues.
Brandy PearBrandy Pear

Brandy Pear

Infused Body Polish
Not only are you left fragrant, but extremely soft with a glistening finish on your skin.
Bronze Fox®Bronze Fox®

Bronze Fox®

Natural Tanning Drops
Helps plump your complexion, providing a glowing bounce to skin.
Butter Rum ScrubButter Rum Scrub

Butter Rum Scrub

Natural Body Scrub
Butterscotch-scented fine body scrub that instantly puts you in a good-time mood!
Buttermilk LavenderButtermilk Lavender

Buttermilk Lavender

Steeped Milk Lotion
Steeped infusion of organic lavender flowers. Nourishing lotion that banishes dry skin
Buttermilk LavenderButtermilk Lavender

Buttermilk Lavender

Natural Hand Cream
Steeped infusion of organic lavender flowers. Nourishing cream that banishes dry skin.
Carrier OilCarrier Oil

Carrier Oil

Unscented Massage Oil
A silky smooth blend of oils that goes on light and absorbs easily.