Eyes & Lips

CORRECTIVE - REPAIRATIVE SOLUTIONS Help combat the visible signs of aging and fatigue around the eye and lip area and creates a fuller, more youthful appearance.
Beach PunchBeach Punch

Beach Punch
Natural Lip Polish
Create kissable lips with our that polish sweeps away any rough patches.
BEAR™ 2 Eyes & LipsBEAR™ 2 Eyes & Lips
BEAR™ 2 Eyes & Lips
Microcurrent Line Smoothing Device
Eliminate eyebags and wrinkles. Plump and highlight lips. Tone and lift brows. Essentially, look snatched in the blink of an eye.
Blackberry CrushBlackberry Crush

Blackberry Crush
Natural Lip balm
Ridiculously rich, scrumptiously creamy – this long-wear formula lasts and lasts with just one application.
Blackberry WineBlackberry Wine

Blackberry Wine
Natural Lip Polish
This luscious botanical lip polish sweeps away any rough patches.

Natural Lip Therapy
Nourishes lips with a smooth and creamy burst of vitamins.
Bluephoria® Lip DrenchBluephoria® Lip Drench

Bluephoria® Lip Drench
Jelly Sleep Mask
Provides soothing rejuvenation to plump and restore dry, cracked lips as you sleep.

Lip Therapy
Nourishes lips with a wealth of plant compounds & antioxidants.
Crow CatcherCrow Catcher
Best Seller

Crow Catcher
Eye Transforming Cream
Uses dermatologist-developed peptides and complex nutrient algae to visibly improve the entire eye area.
Hyaluronic AcidHyaluronic Acid
Best Seller

Hyaluronic Acid
Lip Booster
Instantly moisturizes while improving long-term lip volume, hydration, and softness.
Ideal ComplexIdeal Complex
Best Seller

Ideal Complex
Firming Eye Cream
Firms and lifts the skin around the entire eye area, including the eyelid.
l'amara Revealingl'amara Revealing

l'amara Revealing
Rich Eye Cream
Nourish and restore the skin around your eyes to reveal luminous, beautiful eyes.