Blood Sugar

control + balance + prevent Lower Your Blood Sugar & A1c Levels. Reduce Absorption of Sugars and Other Carbohydrates. Promote Healthy Insulin Sensitivity and Production. Promote Heart, Blood Vessel and Nerve Health.
Berberine IR™Berberine IR™
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Berberine IR™
Glucose Metabolism
Supports healthy blood glucose levels.
Blood Sugar FormulaBlood Sugar Formula
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Blood Sugar Formula
Support & Balance
Provides herbal support to the liver and pancreas.
Chromium GTFChromium GTF
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Chromium GTF
Blood Glucose
Helps transport glucose into the cells.

Blood Sugar Maintenance
Traditionally used for liver and pancreas support.

Blood Sugar Maintenance
Helps maintain blood sugar levels already in the normal range.
Licorice RootLicorice Root

Licorice Root
Energy & Repair
Supports the glandular system, specifically the adrenal glands, may also help the liver.
Licorice Root ExtractLicorice Root Extract
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Licorice Root Extract
Energy & Vitality
Used as a general tonic and for glandular support.
Red Beet Root FormulaRed Beet Root Formula

Red Beet Root Formula
Fasting Support
Designed to replenish nutrients while fasting.
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Natural Sweetener
With a glycemic index of 7 this is great for reducing carbs and calories.