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January 06, 2019
Tree of Lite

Emotional Healing Charts

We've created two new charts to help people who are doing emotional healing work. The first, Aromatherapy for Emotional Healing, maps essential oils based on eight basic actions related to the Oriental yin/yang concept and the Western four element model (air, water, fire, earth). It relates these to sixteen different fragrance qualities such as floral, fruity, spicy, earthy, woody and vaporous and to the 12 emotional energy centers used in Steven's emotional healing work.

The back lists 48 essential and perfume oils with their fragrance qualities and a description of their use for mental and emotional healing.

The second chart, Essential Tools for Emotional Healing, covers flower essences for the 12 emotional energy centers and lists the affirmations used to test people on each energy center. If you're not familiar with how this works watch the YouTube video on Dragon Slaying with Question-Affirmations technique.

Other YouTube videos that will help you use the material on the charts are available on the Emotional Healing Class playlist, including:

  • Flower Essences for Emotional Healing
  • Flower Essences for the 12
  • Energy Centers
  • Energetic Aromatherapy
  • Essential Oils and Affirmations

Both charts are laminated and in color, so they will look great and be durable. The large format (11x17) is great for display or using in consultations.

They are available for pre-order for $13.50 each (regularly $15 each) or you can purchase the set of two charts for $22.50 (regularly $25). The charts will start shipping next week.


Click here or call us at 800-416-2887 to order.