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August 11, 2021
Dr. John J Fitzgerald

Memory Rescue

Prevent memory loss, or rescue your memory if it’s already in trouble. Assess your cognition and risk factors for dementia with questionnaires and a workbook highlighting the BRIGHTMINDS acronym.

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In This Course
you will learn

Deep dive into BRIGHTMINDS
Extensive education on every risk factor for cognitive decline using our acronym. “B” is for Blood Flow. “R” is for Retirement/Aging. The first “I” is for Inflammation.“G” is for Genetics. “H” is for Head Trauma. “T” is for Toxins. “M” is for Mental Health. “I” is for Immunity/Infections. “N” is for Neurohormones. “D” is for Diabesity. “S” is for Sleep.

Assessment and Healing
Using our questionnaires, workbook, and BRIGHTMINDS poster, become aware of your risks and discover holistic ways to optimize your memory and overall health.

Purchase Course $299