9/27 - 12/13 Healing Mind and Emotions Webinars

It's no secret that our thoughts and emotions influence our health, but all too often we overlook this invisible aspect of our health. However, it's hard to eat right, remember to take your supplements, exercise or do other good things to take care of yourself when you don't feel good about yourself or have unresolved emotional conflicts about these things.

That's why I'm adding a whole new section to my Fundamentals of Natural Healing Training. Module Four of this powerful program helps you link mind, heart, and body to understand how to rediscover inner peace, happiness, and joy.We'll help you understand trauma, abuse, depression, anxiety, irritability and many other disorders of mind and mood.

We'll talk about neurotransmitters, drug medications used for these issues and natural alternatives.

Learn how to use herbs, nutritional supplements, and lifestyle changes to help activate the healing forces of positive thinking and balanced emotions.


Class Fee: $75

Register today at treelite.com or by calling 800-416-2887


You can also take this class as part of the complete Fundamentals of Natural Healing course. This class is a great compliment to our free online 2018 Emotional Healing Training Program, too.