November 16, 2018
Athlete’s Cardiovascular System
By Nature's Sunshine
Welcome to month ten of my Nature’s Sunshine product review!


Before we start, I just wanted to say that I am hoping that everyone is getting a chance to see how life changing NSP really are. I firmly believe that NSP allows me to be at peak performance and give me a competitive advantage. Reading these blogs are only step one to achieving your top performance! Make sure you take the time to try out these products to see the greatness first hand!

This month we will be diving into another product I feel is a necessity for all athletes. In fact, I just started training camp for my second professional hockey season and used this product today to help facilitate my recovery!

Thai-Go will help an athlete’s cardiovascular system as well as give a much-needed energy boost when taken.

What some athletes may not know is the harder we work the harder our heart has to work to transport oxygen and nutrients throughout our body. Many athletes associate their shortness of breath with their lungs; however, the cardiovascular system is the heart. For optimal oxygen to be given throughout the body, the heart needs to be energized and healthy. This product supports heart function and allows an athlete’s cardiovascular system to be at the top of their game every day.

Thai-Go also includes antioxidants that work to fight off free radicals throughout your body. Not to mention, it also works to boost the immune system, and as we know, this always needs to be healthy and strong to maintain peak performance.

Remember, supplements aren’t magic.

An athlete must pair supplements with a healthy diet and a strong training regimen to see best results! Working out and eating healthy are just a small part of an athlete’s job description! Continue to work hard and make sure you give your body the correct supplements to help aid recovery and keep your energy high throughout a long season!

Please note that Thai-Go is one of the most expensive supplements I will be writing about. Don’t be alarmed. With the price of $89.95 (Retail) or $59.95 (Member) you get not one, but TWO-25 fl. oz. bottles! I recommend taking 1-2 oz. once or twice a day, especially during high intense training, to help with recovery.


I say it EVERY month, but I HIGHLY recommend becoming an NSP member as their products are the best of the best and are 100% safe. If you are an athlete and looking for nutritional help, please contact Chad at to discuss your needs!