Cold & Flu Remedies

Powerful and effective natural remedies that won’t compromise your immune system.

Immune Adaptogen
Boosts your immune system and supports immune cells.
Bacillus CoagulansBacillus Coagulans
Best Seller

Bacillus Coagulans
Powerful Probiotic
May provide relief from occasional digestive upset like diarrhea, gas and bloating.
Bifidophilus Flora Force®Bifidophilus Flora Force®
Best Seller

Bifidophilus Flora Force®
Probiotic (4 billion)
Restores the natural microbiome/gut balance. Safe for Children.
Bronchial FormulaBronchial Formula
Best Seller

Bronchial Formula
Respiratory Support
Offers nourishing support to the lungs and bronchi.
Combination CBG ExtractCombination CBG Extract
Best Seller

Combination CBG Extract
Immune System Support
Supports both the immune and nervous systems nutritionally.
Echinacea / Golden SealEchinacea / Golden Seal

Echinacea / Golden Seal
Immune System Activator
Enhances the activity of the immune system and helps the body expel toxins.
Echinacea PurpureaEchinacea Purpurea

Echinacea Purpurea
Changing Seasons
Enhances the activity of the immune system and supports a healthy inflammatory response.
Echinacea/Golden SealEchinacea/Golden Seal

Echinacea/Golden Seal
Immune System Activator
Enhances the activity of the immune system and helps the body expel toxins.
Elderberry D3fenseElderberry D3fense

Elderberry D3fense
Powerful Immune Support
Offers powerful immune system support.
Eleven ElevatedEleven Elevated

Eleven Elevated
Powerful Probiotic
Provides 30 billion CFU of 11 strains of friendly bacteria per serving.
Essential ShieldEssential Shield
Best Seller

Essential Shield
Organic Essential Oil
This blend combines fruity notes of citrus with cooling mint, and invigorating wood tones.
Fenugreek & ThymeFenugreek & Thyme
Best Seller

Fenugreek & Thyme
Mucous Membranes
Soothes irritated tissues and keeps the mucus thin. Supports the respiratory system.

Respiratory Support
Supports respiratory function. Encourages continued free breathing.
Golden Seal / PartheniumGolden Seal / Parthenium

Golden Seal / Parthenium
Respiratory Support
Helps support mucous membranes and the immune system.

Respiratory Support
Supports the immune system and respiratory health.

Immune System Support
Nourishes the structural and immune systems by stimulating blood flow and helping to eliminate toxins.