Silver Shield w/Aqua Sol

Immune Protection & Prevention


Brand: Nature's Sunshine

Recommended For: Bacterial Infections, Bacterial Viruses, Food Poisoning, Fungal Infections, Harmful Bacteria, Illness Prevention, Weak Immune System, Wounds, Yeast Infections,


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Patented Aqua Sol Technology


Silver Shield, a colloidal silver product, provides the benefits of colloidal silver with immune support and protection.

  • Non-Toxic (will not turn your skin a "blue" hue)
  • Peer studies:  Effective on over 600 bacteria, viruses, yeast and fungus, including Malaria, MRSA, Avian flu, limb regrowth, Swine flu, burns, Lyme & MS
  • Just one silver particle alone, kills many harmful bacteria
  • Does not harm beneficial bacteria (flora)
  • Offers broad-spectrum immune support
  • Is composed of nano-size particles to ensure maximum bioavailability and potency
  • Provides 20 ppm of pure silver (100 mcg per serving)
How It Works

Aqua Sol Technology

Features pure silver particles suspended in pure water for powerful support. It is manufactured using a patented process with strict quality control to verify potency and purity. The result is fine, bioavailable, particle-sized colloids.


This Silver is processed by the kidneys, does not affect populations of beneficial bacteria in the colon like pharmaceutical antibiotics, and cannot accumulate in the body or skin to create Argyria or argyrosis or “blue skin”, a permanent skin discoloration caused by excess silver accumulation; often a problem with homemade colloids or inexpensive deals found online. In other words, our patented version of silver is safe.


Effects in the Body

Silver uses 3 separate mechanisms to stop the growth and spread of harmful pathogens. Peer studies have shown Aquasol silver to be effective on over 600 bacteria, viruses, yeast and fungus, including Malaria, MRSA, Avian flu, limb regrowth, Swine flu, burns, Lyme & MS


The silver oxide coating of the nano-particle kills bacteria by pulling away one of the electrons on the bacteria cell membrane, which contributes to the rupture of the membrane and ultimate death of the cell. Once the silver oxide has pulled an electron away from the bacteria cell, it stops functioning. 


Patented Aqua Sol technology has a double + charge on the silver molecule (explanation in FAQs below).  This double charge, coupled with the fact that the silver in Silver Shield exists as a core of pure silver metal with an oxide coating on the outside, allows for this reaction to regenerate itself, so that one silver particle kills many bacteria, instead of just one bacteria.


The silver nano-particle is magnetically attracted to the virus and overpowers its DNA, rendering the virus impotent and unable to replicate.  Viral DNA has a slight magnetic charge while healthy DNA does not, so healthy cells remain unaffected by the Silver Shield.


GMO FreeCruelty FreeGluten FreeDairy FreeSoy Free


20 ppm of pure silver (100 mcg per serving)

Take one teaspoon, swish and swallow, three times daily. Do not mix with salt or salty-liquids. 


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