Nature's Sunshine Goldenseal Respiratory Support
Contains hydrastine, berberine and canadine alkaloids, which support the immune system and respiratory health.

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Supports the immune system and respiratory health.
It’s an herbal goldmine! Goldenseal root is a good example of how science has validated herbal wisdom.

It contains hydrastine, berberine and canadine alkaloids, which support the immune system. It may also support the mucous membranes. Wild-crafted and non-GMO-verified, our goldenseal is harvested throughout Appalachia.

  • Provides traditional immune system support
  • May help support the mucous membranes
  • Is beneficial during seasonal change​​
  • Features non-GMO, sustainably harvested goldenseal root
How It Works
How It Works
Our goldenseal root is wild-crafted and harvested by hand all over Appalachia. Harvesters are taught how to propagate the roots, leaving part of the system in place for future gleaning (after two years or more).

We also ensure that only mature plants are harvested, and that we source from different regions in order to not overharvest any particular area. Our goldenseal is non-GMO and thoroughly tested for pesticides and other contaminants.

Native Americans traditionally used goldenseal to support the respiratory, digestive and urinary systems. Early 20th century herbalists considered it a critical herb for stomach and intestinal issues.
What's Inside


Active Ingredients

Goldenseal root extract

How to Use
How to Use
Take 2 capsules with a meal. Pregnant or lactating women should not take goldenseal.

2x daily