Nature's Sunshine L. Acidophilus Lactose Free Probiotic
Regulate your intestinal tract with dairy-free probiotic acidophilus supplements.

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A popular, friendly probiotic known for its many gut health benefits.

L. acidophilus is a popular, friendly probiotic known for its many gut health benefits.

  • Delivers 250 million beneficial bacteria CFUs per serving
  • Protected from stomach environment by delayed-release capsule
How It Works
How It Works
Friendly bacteria help keep in check other microbes in the body. Unfortunately, all strains of helpful bacteria are often destroyed by antibiotics. But supplementation can reintroduce them, helping to create an optimal balance. Acidophilus is a strain of Lactobacillus, a symbiotic, homo-fermentative, lactic acid producing microorganism—a popular, friendly strain.

This mild formula is ideal for those who desire a way to introduce beneficial probiotics to the body. Each capsule contains a minimum of 100 million organisms, freeze-dried to maintain viability. Probiotics are well absorbed in the diet and can be taken between meals to maximize absorption. Best if stored in a freezer or refrigerator.

If you’re going to travel, you might as well do it in style… This product features an innovative, delayed-release vegetable-based capsule, or vegcap, to help your tiny new friends pass safely through the harsh, acidic environment of the stomach and deliver microbiome-bolstering support to your intestinal tract. And freeze-drying further helps preserve freshness for optimal probiotic viability. Our Acidophilus is certified non-GMO and vegan.

While the discovery and naming of individual probiotic strains is fairly new, the concept of eating fermented food goes WAY back. By about 500 A.D., Koreans had found a new technique to preserve food for winter: burying jars of cabbage, cucumber or radishes mixed with strong spices. Known as kimchi, this fermented food is one of many that offers health benefits for the immune system. Fermented foods have grown in popularity. But for some of us, capsules are much easier to swallow than kimchi, sauerkraut and fermented drinks. L. acidophilus is probably best-known for being an ingredient in many dairy products. In fact, the Lactobacillus genus is widely used in making cheese and yogurt. It creates bacteriocins, which help prevent food spoilage. Acidophilus was Nature’s Sunshine’s first probiotic supplement. It has been popular for nearly three decades!

What's Inside


Active Ingredients

Lactobacillus acidophilus.

How to Use
How to Use
Take 1-2 capsules with a meal.

2x daily