Single Herbs

Pure & Potent Choose the purest, most potent herbs from the herb leaders. We have over 90 single herb supplements to choose from, including concentrated herbs.

Daily Health & Wellness
Contains vital nutrients and trace minerals that contributes to overall energy, stamina and wellness.

Encourages Elimination
Soothes intestines and may absorb heavy metal ions.
Aloe Vera-Freeze DriedAloe Vera-Freeze Dried

Aloe Vera-Freeze Dried
Digestive Aid
Support the digestion and absorption of food, nourishes the intestines.

Immune Adaptogen
Boosts your immune system and supports immune cells.

Digestive / Immune Support
Contains astringent properties used traditionally for a variety of systems and organs.
Bee PollenBee Pollen

Bee Pollen
Energy Production
A strong nutritional profile that offers a natural energy boost.
Berberine IR™Berberine IR™
Best Seller

Berberine IR™
Glucose Metabolism
Supports healthy blood glucose levels.
Black CohoshBlack Cohosh

Black Cohosh
Menopause Support
Helps ease common symptoms of menopause. Promotes balanced hormone levels.
Black WalnutBlack Walnut
Best Seller

Black Walnut
Parasite Cleanse
Helps the intestinal system and immune system battle against invaders.
Black Walnut ATC ConcentrateBlack Walnut ATC Concentrate

Black Walnut ATC Concentrate
Parasite Cleanse
Helps maintain the intestinal system and supports the immune system in its battle against invaders.
Blessed ThistleBlessed Thistle

Blessed Thistle
Reproductive Support
Supports the female reproductive system, assists liver function and improves digestion.

Digestive Support
Helps purify the blood and protect the liver against toxins.
Butcher's BroomButcher's Broom

Butcher's Broom
Circulatory Support
May help suppress inflammatory signals and potentially treat damage caused by inflammation.

Circulatory Support
Stimulates digestion and enhances blood flow, improving circulation.
Cascara SagradaCascara Sagrada

Cascara Sagrada
Strong Natural Laxative
Helps cleanse the colon of damaging toxins and waste.
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Calming Support
Contains natural minerals and vitamins that supports the nervous and immune systems.