Nature's Sunshine Dandelion Urinary Support
This ubiquitous plant supports digestion and nourishes the liver. It also provides urinary system support.

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Supports digestion and nourishes the liver.
Eat your weeds! Yes, this ubiquitous yard weed is good for you. It was used traditionally to support the urinary system. Dandelion provides elemental nutrients, and its flowers, leaves and roots are edible. But we didn’t say it was tasty…you might prefer it capsuled.  

  • Provides traditional urinary system support 
  • Features dandelion root that is certified Kosher and Halal 
  • Traditionally used to support digestion, liver function, detox and women’s health

How It Works
How It Works
Dandelions can grow all over…and they doBut our dandelion root comes from China where it’s grown and cultivated by local farmers who we have been doing business with for more than a decade. In addition to creating supply chain stability, these contracts provide jobs and support families. Our supply partner has been audited by us and by NSF, a global leader in ensuring manufacturing plant excellence. Their facility is ISO9001 certified. Our dandelion is Kosher- and Halal-certified. Dandelion root has nutritive properties that support the liver, kidneys, stomach and blood.

It provides nutrition for the glands responsible for maintaining already balanced blood sugar levels. Herbalists consider this plant one of the most nutrient-rich in the plant kingdom.

The whole plant is edible—the flowers, the leaves and the roots. The herb is a source of many important minerals and vitamins.

What's Inside


Active Ingredients

Dandelion root.

How to Use
How to Use
  • Take 2 capsules with a meal twice daily.