Chinese Herbs

The finest ingredients, tested for purity and potency by us before they are released. Choose from regular blends or highly concentrated TCM formulas.

Anti-Gas Bloating & Flatulence Relief
Anti-Gas TCMAnti-Gas TCM
Anti-Gas TCM Bloating & Flatulence Relief
Blood Stimulator (Chinese)Blood Stimulator (Chinese)
Blood Stimulator (Chinese) Circulation Support
Blood Stimulator TCM (Chinese)Blood Stimulator TCM (Chinese)
Blood Stimulator TCM (Chinese) Circulation Support
Cordyceps Strength, Endurance & Stamina
HY-C (Chinese)HY-C (Chinese)
HY-C (Chinese) Blood Sugar Maintenance
HY-C TCM (Chinese)HY-C TCM (Chinese)
HY-C TCM (Chinese) Blood Sugar Maintenance
IF-C (Chinese)IF-C (Chinese)
IF-C (Chinese) Blood Flow & Toxins
IF-C TCM (Chinese)IF-C TCM (Chinese)
IF-C TCM (Chinese) Blood Flow & Toxins
KB-C (Chinese)KB-C (Chinese)
KB-C (Chinese) Strengthens Kidneys
KB-C TCM Strengthens Kidneys
Kidney Activator (Chinese)Kidney Activator (Chinese)
Kidney Activator (Chinese) Water Retention
Kidney Activator TCMKidney Activator TCM
Kidney Activator TCM Water Retention
Liver Balance TCMLiver Balance TCM
Liver Balance TCM Improves Well-Being
Lung SupportLung Support
Lung Support Respiratory Health
Lung Support TCMLung Support TCM
Lung Support TCM Respiratory Health