Children's Health

A Headstart on Health Prevention is the key to protecting your child's health long term. Counteract the damages of poor diets, nutrient loss, poor concentration, frequent illness and more.
Be CourageousBe Courageous
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Be Courageous
Flower Remedy
May help build courage and confidence.
Bifidophilus Flora Force®Bifidophilus Flora Force®
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Bifidophilus Flora Force®
Probiotic (4 billion)
Restores the natural microbiome/gut balance. Safe for Children.

Respiratory Support
Provides key nutrients for a healthy circulatory, immune and respiratory system.
CC-A w/Yerba SantaCC-A w/Yerba Santa
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CC-A w/Yerba Santa
General Health
Provides key nutrients for a healthy immune, respiratory and circulatory system.
Combination CBG ExtractCombination CBG Extract
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Combination CBG Extract
Immune System Support
Supports both the immune and nervous systems nutritionally.
Focus AttentionFocus Attention

Focus Attention
Healthy Mental Activity
Helps modulate brain activity and energy levels.
Solstic ImmuneSolstic Immune

Solstic Immune
Powerful Health Drink
Proovides powerful immune system support you can add to water!

Calming Formula
Promotes feelings of calm and helps with occasional stress.
Vitamin C ChewableVitamin C Chewable

Vitamin C Chewable
Immune Support
Performs many functions involving the immune system and tissue development.
VS-C® LiquidVS-C® Liquid

VS-C® Liquid
Powerful Immune Support
Supports immunity, detoxification and respiratory tract health with VS-C, a Chinese herbal formula.
XyliBrite ToothpasteXyliBrite Toothpaste
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XyliBrite Toothpaste
Prevents Bacteria & Decay
Promotes oral health and makes the mouth less hospitable to microbes.