Nature's Sunshine Thyroid Activator® Thyroid Support
Nourish the thyroid gland and support thyroid hormones with Thyroid Activator herbal formula.

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Nourishes the thyroid gland and support thyroid hormones.

You only have one thyroid. Nourish it! And help it preserve your body’s delicate hormone balance. Thyroid Activator provides trace amounts of several essential nutrients that are often sparse in the diet. These come from selected botanicals and other goodies, including spirulina, kelp, parsley and sarsaparilla.  

  • Nourishes the thyroid gland 
  • Provides herbs and nutrients traditionally used to support the thyroid gland 

How It Works
How It Works
In a world full of chemicals, who wouldn’t want a more natural option for glandular health? Our Thyroid Activator formula is a blend of five botanicals and nutrients that synergistically support the glandular system and nourish the thyroid gland with iodine. One of these, kelp, is wild-harvested by hand in the North Atlantic Ocean. Skilled reapers enter the kelp “forests” in small paddleboats and harvest it using special rakes to ensure sustainability, minimize environmental impact and protect the natural habitat. 

As a supplement, Thyroid Activator may only be a few decades old, but the ingredients in this formula go back hundreds or even thousands of years! Traditional Chinese Medicine has utilized kelp to disperse phlegm and support thyroid health. According to Oriental Materia Medica, kelp softens hardness, disperses accumulation, resolves phlegm and cleanses heat. Native to Tunisia, southern Italy and other Mediterranean regions, parsley is still used in cooking there.

Centuries of folk use teach us that parsley was employed for swelling, detoxification, and urinary and kidney support. Also called Smilax, sarsaparilla was used by some Central and South American cultures for skin problems and cough. European settlers took its benefits home in the 15th century.

What's Inside


Active Ingredients

Spirulina, kelp leaf and stem, black walnut hulls, parsley leaf, sarsaparilla root

How to Use
How to Use
  • Take 2 capsules with a meal three times daily.