Nature's SunshineSilver Shield BioGuard Purifying Hand Cleanser
Purify your skin with a 3X Power Blend of 80% ethyl alcohol, Silver Shield® (5 ppm) and Essential Shield essential oil blend.


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Purify And Cleanse With The Power Of Silver
For decades, people have trusted Silver Shield® to support immune system health. Now you can apply its benefits to your skin with new BioGuard™ Purifying Hand Cleanser.

It purifies your skin with a 3x power blend of 80% ethyl alcohol, Silver Shield® (5 ppm) and Essential Shield essential oil blend. This unique combination cleanses skin in three different ways and moisturizes it without harmful chemicals or dyes.

  • Supports the cleansing of your skin 
  • Supports healthy looking skin  
  • Helps moisturize dry skin 
  • Convenient pocket-size spray goes anywhere

How It Works
How It Works
Our Silver Shield® features AquaSol technology that delivers powerful immune-system support. Add the cleansing potency of 80% ethyl alcohol, the clean green aroma of Essential Shield essential oil blend and the nourishing properties of organic glycerin, and you have a powerful, purifying, go-anywhere hand spray. Best of all, it’s free from parabens, sulfates, phthalates, petroleum, or synthetic colors and fragrances.

Collaboration, hard work and a few sleepless nights. That’s what it took to create this timely formula. Nature’s Sunshine already offered several amazing Silver Shield products, and we wanted to provide a portable spray that could be used to clean hands anytime, anywhere. Product developers dreamed up a blend that features powerful 80% ethyl alcohol, known for its cleansing benefits, plus our proven Silver Shield and Essential Shield essential oil blend. Then they chose soothing vegetable glycerin for its natural, skin-supporting properties.

Studies show that silver nano-particles can anchor to the cell wall of bacteria and infiltrate it. This action causes physical changes or damage in the bacterial membrane, which is harmful to it. Silver Shield’s unique silver nano-particles feature an interior of elemental silver and an exterior of silver oxide. With nano-silver, ethyl alcohol and essential oils, BioGuard Purifying Hand Cleanser gets the job done.

What's Inside


Active Ingredients

Alcohol, colloidal silver (silver oxide, water), organic glycerin, natural fragrance from Essential Shield essential oil blend.

How to Use
How to Use
  • Shake well.

  • Apply directly to hands and rub together until dry.