Home Care

Clean Home - Healthy Home Formulated to nourish your space and your well-being, our home care products are packed with the non-toxic power of raw natural ingredients and super fresh scents.
Tea TreeTea Tree

Tea Tree

Organic Essential Oil
Invigorating and restoring. Many use it topically for its cleansing properties.


Organic Essential Oil
A fresh, lemony, grassy aroma that has an efficacious and purifying element.


Organic Essential Oil
This clean, crisp, zesty aroma is stimulating and elevating.
Golden SalveGolden Salve

Golden Salve

Healing Ointment
Soothes and moisturizes rough, dry or patchy hands, lips and skin.


Freshens / Eliminates Odors
Hints of citrus, plus wood and floral notes, makes a great addition to household cleaning.
Carrier OilCarrier Oil

Carrier Oil

Unscented Massage Oil
A silky smooth blend of oils that goes on light and absorbs easily.
Bottle w/ SprayerBottle w/ Sprayer

Bottle w/ Sprayer

Aromatherapy Accessory
Great for Essential Oils, Plants, Cleaning Solutions, Hair Misting, and more.