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Black Ointment

Herbal Drawing Salve


Brand: Nature's Sunshine
Ideal For: Cancer Support, Cysts, Infections, Skin Detoxification, Tumors,



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Why You'll Love This

DOES NOT CONTAIN ZINC CHLORIDE found in salves that burn through skin and tissue, often leaving scarring and disfiguration )

Black Ointment herbal salve helps with skin issues. It features olive oil, beeswax and pine tar plus a bevy of wonderful herbs.

  • Helps tighten, tone and firm the skin.
  • Promotes healthy skin.
  How It Works

Black Ointment is an easily absorbed herbal salve for topical use only. Soothing herbs are blended with natural oils, pine tar and beeswax for a soothing texture and wonderful absorption.

Drawing salves without zinc chloride can and should be an important part of your daily ritual. Our bodies are inundated with more and more toxins from heavy metals in our food, water and soil, including unprecedented levels of chemicals, pesticides and carcinogens in our environment.

Approximately 70% of the toxins and waste that enter our bodies through food, liquid, supplements, pharmaceuticals, or the air are actually expelled through our skin pores - not through our liver and kidneys. It is therefore imperative to keep your skin pores open and breathing, so these toxins can easily find the nearest ‘exit door’ from the blood stream.

Much of this detoxification happens at night, when your body is recharging in deep REM sleep. So a Black Salve (without zinc chloride) on your face, or bottom of your feet, or under your arms by the lymph nodes is a terrific tool to help keep those skin pores clean, clear and open.



Olive oil, beeswax, pine tar, chaparral herb, chickweed herb, comfrey root, goldenseal root, lobelia herb, marshmallow root, mullein leaves, myrrh gum, plantain root, red clover herb and vitamin E oil.

How to Use

Apply liberally as often as needed.

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